Preparation of Building a Retaining Wall With Blocks

Retaining Walls are perfect solutions for landscaping, gardening, or leveling an area in your yard that is unusable due to unlevel ground.  These walls can be made of various materials such as wood, natural stone, or even railroad ties, but blocks that are made for this particular construction are an excellent choice for do-it yourself building. 
Concrete blocks that are made to be used for retaining walls are constructed with a lip on the backside of the block that serves to interlock it with the other blocks.Kansas_City_Retaining_Walls

Building a retaining wall with blocks is a fairly simple process, but several things must be considered prior to beginning the construction.  Because the blocks used do not require mortar to remain joined together, the walls are best suited for heights no taller than about 30 inches.  If you plan to build a retaining wall any higher than this, you must plan for reinforcement for the weight and stability, as well as drainage.

The average size of the interlocking concrete blocks used for retaining walls is about one foot.  Before deciding on the number of blocks you will need for construction, you must determine how many curves as opposed to straight runs there will be in the wall.  This is important to note because curves require more blocks than straight runs.

Building retaining walls with blocks is certainly possible for the average individual.  The process and preparation is not extensive and does not require professional tools or assistance.  Basic tools are needed for the construction of a retaining wall aside from the blocks.  Items such as a chisel, carpenter’s level, line level, hand tamper, drilling hammer around 3 lbs., gloves, safety glasses, stakes, landscape fabric, and a mason’s line are necessary, but relatively common and amateur.  Optional items include a back support and gravel.