How to Build a Retaining Wall With Blocks

Once the preparation of building a retaining wall with blocks has been completed, the fun begins! Using a mason’s line and stakes or a basic garden hose, lay out the area and shape desired for the wall. You can use spray paint or any other substance that will leave a semi-permanent mark on the ground to mark the outline.
Before you place the first level of blocks, you must dig a trench below the ground level to ensure a level base for the blocks.  retaining-wall-block-concre
The soil will hold the bottom level of blocks in place.

Use a flat-pointed shovel to dig the trench for the foundation level of blocks. The size of this trench will vary depending on the size of the blocks but must be tamped with a hand tamper to compact the soil. If the ground in the area slopes at all, the digging of the trench may be more extensive, as well as the laying of the foundation of blocks. However, this still should not set your process back very far.

If the ground slopes, make sure to dig trenches in a series of steps. These steps involve digging the trench appropriate to the slope: lower on one end and higher on the other. Once you start the foundation set of blocks, you will have to adjust the number of blocks you lay on the lower end to a higher number to keep it level with the other blocks. Again, this is not a serious set back and just involves keeping extra note of the level of your block. Remember, if you have to build up the lower sections with block due to the slope, you may have more blocks on the lower end of the wall.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. Before laying the foundation set of blocks and after leveling the trench, pour a layer of sand or stone dust on top of the soil. Level and tamp this layer, as well. Continue with further steps in How To Build a Retaining Wall With Blocks II.