How To Build A Retaining Wall With Blocks II

After completing the steps in How To Build a Retaining Wall With Blocks, and you are ready to start your foundation level of blocks, lay the first block and make sure it is level side to side and front to back.  It may be necessary to use a hammer or other tool to get it exactly level.  Continue laying this foundation set of retaining wall blocks and continue to check for the leveling.landscape-7

You need to check the foundation set of blocks.  In order to do this, place a block on both ends and use the line level to check if it is level.  You may need to use your hammer again to adjust the blocks to make them completely level.  Once a level foundation of blocks is verified, remove those blocks (as they were just used to measure the level), cut one block in half and use one of the pieces as the first block of the starter course.  The cut block’s lip should fit onto the back side of the foundation block underneath.  Once level, add the other blocks of the starter course on top of the foundation.  Then, backfill the area behind the blocks with some of soil that was removed from the trench.

Continue laying the other layers of stone and make sure to cut in half the first stone of every other layer.  Once the desired height is reached, arrange landscaping fabric behind the blocks to keep soil from seeping through the holes between the retaining wall blocks.  Allow the landscaping fabric to overlap over the top layer of blocks until the cavity behind the wall is completely filled with soil.  (Gravel can be used along with soil if the wall is higher than 2 ½ feet.  This is optional, but can help with drainage.)  Then, trim the fabric at the top.

And finally, the next step is to enjoy your wall!