Building Stone Retaining Walls

Most retaining walls are used to contain large amount of soil and to border planting beds that are on a hill. These can be made out of a variety of materials – including stone. This is one of the more popular materials because of how elegant and refined it looks. It makes it ideal to use along the home and in a beautifully landscaped home.

  • When building a retaining stone wall you must first decide on where it should be placed. You might want it placed along a small hill or between two planting beds. Look carefully at your yard and choose the best option.
  • Find a type of stone that will work well with the look of the home. Visit your local home improvement store and tell them what type of plants you will be growing. Choose something that is smooth, inexpensive, or has a coloring that will work next to your home.
  • Now that you have your supplies it is time to get to work. When creating a reinforced wall you must have the depth of the footing and the piers to be equal to the height of the wall. This means that if it is a 3 ft. wall you need a footing that is 1 ft. deep and 1 ft. wide.
  • Lay rebar flat inside of the best of footings that should be at least two inches above the soil. This will allow the concrete to touch the soil – but to prevent the rebar from doing the same thing.
  • The piers need to be 2 ft. deep for every 3 ft. of wall on each corner. Make sure to place these behind the wall and below the bed of the footing.
  • Place cinderblocks on the top of the footing. These should be the same height as the wall.
  • Place rebar through the middle of every cinder block and fill the block with concrete.
  • Each level of cinder block must be reinforced with a rebar that is horizontal and tied to the vertical rebar using tie wire.
  • Once the wall is finished you can place stone materials on the face of it.