Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining walls are constructed outside the home that have the purpose of holding back, or retaining, the soil from buildings and other home or business areas. Retaining walls are constructed with retaining wall blocks made from a variety of materials including stone, concrete or brick blocks.

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Concrete retaining wall blocks are the perfect solution for hassle free, do itmainfeature-wall-design yourself landscaping. Concrete retaining walls are excellent for enclosing an area for gardening or for more practical uses such as leveling a steep slope in your yard or on your property. Concrete retaining wall blocks often require no mortar and are designed to fit together easily, making the construction of the retaining wall quite simple. The finished look does not appear simple, but allows for use of only basic tools in the construction. Fiberglass materials are often used in finishing retaining walls.

Concrete retaining wall blocks are often to be used primarily for lower walls. Building several terraces, as opposed to a single tall wall, offers a more practical value, as well as an aesthetic one. Because the blocks do not require mortar in the assembly, they are not stable enough to withstand the weight and/or pressure of a single wall that stands alone. The most efficient way to use concrete retaining wall blocks is to build a set of terraces in the location of your choosing that are fairly short. The aesthetic value offered is one of landscaping and gardening. Using terraces opens up for more opportunities for outspread gardening or landscaping. Being more practical than a single wall, the terraced system creates a more steeped slope and is safer.

Concrete retaining wall blocks are designed with a lip on the bottom rear side. This lip allows for the blocks to interlock with each other without mortar. This creates a step effect once the blocks are joined together. Once the soil or dirt is behind the wall, the blocks push forward and are strengthened between the lips.

Fiberglass materials are often used in finishing retaining walls.